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NBC Roggin’s Heroes

admin Nov 11

Client: NBC Universal | Roggin’s Heroes with Fred Roggin
Website: www.rogginsheroes.com
Role: Content Manager | Designer,  2007-2011

I helped modernized this digital platform contributing interactive designs and numerous original graphics for the show brand, NBC advertising campaigns, promotions and interactive projects. I managed weekly content on The Challenge website working with Fred Roggin, Sales Teams, managers, editors, reporters and anchors.  I was also responsible for editing video segments, creative projects and sports news content.

Interactive (above)
I created animated advertisements (such as the example above)  for this site with Photoshop, Flash, After Effects and Dreamweaver.

I designed the layout and wireframes below. I executed numerous graphics used on this website with Photoshop.

Content Management System
I utilized a custom built Content Management System (CMS) back-end to manage this website. I also used NBC’s custom Dallet digital asset management system and Clickability web content management  system (WCM).


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