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The Bachelor / Beauty and the Beast – Cross Promotion

admin Jan 1

The Bachelor: Rose 1

A match made in heaven: the genius marketing teams at Disney and ABC engineered the perfect cross promo stunt for Beauty and the Beast and season 21 of The Bachelor. Both share an iconic symbol: the rose. In support of the campaign, we created a series of short bumpers: one for each episode. For episode 1, we start with a rose in full bloom. Throughout the season, when each girl left the show, our rose lost a petal. Finally, similar to the film, after the last petal falls, the Bachelor chooses his bride to be and our rose magically rebuilds with the line: “True as it can be.”

[The M Factor Creative, link]

Client: Disney/Marvel
Target: Theatrical Creative Campaign
Employer: The M Factor Creative
Role: Graphics Supervisor / Sr. Designer
Product: Digital Out of Home

The Bachelor: Rose 2

The Bachelor: Rose 4

The Bachelor: Rose 6

The Bachelor: Rose 3

The Bachelor: Rose 5

The Bachelor: Rose 7


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