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~Timothy Joseph Adam~


Timothy was born in 1982 to Joe Pete Valenzuela and Diana Lee Strouth. In his earliest years you would find Timothy creating computer artwork and writing stories. Technology equipment was a brand new thing never seen before in schools at the time. After a huge school grant in 4th grade Timothy was introduced to Super VHS production equipment and two newly developed programs called HyperStudio and Photoshop1.2. In early adolescents Timothy was among the first to use the computers and video production equipment becoming addicted thinking outside the box and pushing the equipment to the limits. He continued developing his desire to create multimedia throughout early school years.

Timothy received his Bachelor Degree with honors in Media Arts & Animation in 2004 from the Art Institute of Phoenix. He was awarded “Best Portfolio” in his graduating class. As the leader in his class Timothy tend to oddly focus on the general educations classes in his degree a bit harder then even the genre specific art and production classes with a different viewpoint:

“As a student I was so sick and tired of hearing my teachers call me a starving artist,
They might be… Me however,
I am a business man who sells creativity.

I was born for this”
– Timothy Adam, 2001 –

His purpose to prioritize general education was for intergrading himself with the general society instead of falling into the stereotype outcast starving artist category. Thought-out his college years you would find Timothy religiously in the computer labs from opening 9am to closing 11pm on multiple computers simultaneously. He had a thing for running computers into the dirt:

If these computers don’t completely fall to pieces in 6 months,
I’m not working hard enough…”
– Timothy Adam, 2004 –

In 2004 immediately after graduating Timothy moved to Los Angeles to start his career.  Timothy began working at Los Angeles Channel 36 where he edited governmental election material with intergraded graphics. Timothy continued working at LA36 meeting new people and stretching his legs all over LA with numerous companies and productions.


Timothy Adam is working in Hollywood as contract creative for companies such as NBC/Universal for the past five years, Los Angeles County, The City of Santa Monica and LA36. Timothy has a Green-screen studio partnership with LA36 in downtown Los Angeles.

“I want to provoke the aggressive emotional belonging to that in which makes the man a man,
to that which makes the exist the human…”
– Timothy Adam, August 28, 2009 –

Timothy considers winning an 2010 Emmy award for his creative direction work as his greatest accomplishment. Timothy also holds in high regard working as the Content Manager for the 2008 Beijing Olympics.

“What I will make people feel is just as important as what I will create.“
– Timothy Adam – March 01, 2010 –

As a Creative Director Timothy Adam is known to create film and television promotions, graphics and branding.  Timothy’s eyes are fixed on the film side of the industry in which he holds professional film credits working in Bill Mesa’s Flash Film Works effects company.

“As we grow up in the same culture we will contemplate aspects of existence in the same way.
I will bring to this world what we always knew we wanted, never knew existed,
and never knew we could have.”
– Timothy Adam, 2007 –