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Reel 2017 - The M Factor

Reel 2015 - The M Factor

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Reel 2012

Exploring 3D and Motion Graphics with Compositing, Green Screen Keying, Special Effects, Animated Cameras, 3D/2D Animation, TV Promos, Sports Graphics, Particles, Light Effects, 2D/3D Logos, Station IDs and Rotoscope effects.

Visual Effects Supervisor
I was responsible to supervise the overall team creation of visual effects, motion graphics, editing, animation, audio, color correction and layouts.

Designer | Motion Graphics
I was responsible for the overall motion design and timing for this project. I created a number of supporting visuals including custom particle effects, lighting effects, explosions, transitions, ambient background effects, character keying, editing and film rotoscope effects. I was the final sound and video editor for this piece.

Client: Company Demo Reel
Target: Social / Creative Campaign
Employer: The M Factor Creative
Role: Art Director / Sr. Designer

Target: Demo Reel
Employer: Timothy Adam Enterprises, LLC
Role: Art Director / Sr. Designer
** Check out my 2004 vintage college Demo Reel